EX285T Thermal
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The EX285T is an EX-proof camera station designed for night-time surveillance in marine/EX environments. The key function is to detect oil spills on water surface, as well as personnel and vessel detection in total darkness.
The sensor is a long-wave infrared thermal imaging device (7-14 micron), able to detect a person at up to 500m distance. (Detects an object 2,5x2,5 square meters at up to 1000m). No cooling unit is required for the sensor, and thus the lifetime is estimated to 20 000 hours.
The camera station is delivered complete and fully tested with camera, lens and telemetry control for HERNIS 400, 250 and 200 control systems.
Export restrictions apply to this product, and we reserve the right to refuse any sales.
Pernille Morken, HERNIS Scan Systems

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